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Crusaders's logo as seen during deck building

Crusaders are one of five factions in Cards and Castles. This faction focuses on increasing health and quickening draws. Units tend to be more defense oriented and spells work to heal/regenerate health.

List of Units

Name Cost Attack Health Move Range Ability Set
Reckless Knight 3 3 3 3 1 Charge Neutral Logo.png
Loremaster Tarius 4 2 2 2 2-3 Initiative: Add two random Dragons to your hand. Legendary Age of Dragons card
Zealous Knight 5 3 5 3 1 Holy Aura (1) Epic Monster Island card
Jonviev the Dawnsword 6 7 7 2 1 Initiative: Deal 4 damage to all nearby enemies Legendary Monster Island card
Monk 6 5 7 3 1 Initiative: Heal your Castle for 3. Common Age of Dragons card
Dramoth the Eternal 10 8 10 3 1 Stalwart; Initiative: Heal your Castle for 7. Legendary Age of Dragons card

List of Spells

Name Cost Effect Set
Dragon Lore 1 Draw 2 cards, and your opponent draws a card. Common Age of Dragons card
Blinding Radiance 2 Give a unit Holy Aura (1). Common Monster Island card
Burning Sun 2 Deal 1 damage to all enemies and Remove any Stealth effects. Common Age of Dragons card
Eternal Judgment 2 When your Castle is attacked, Deal 1 damage to the enemy Castle. Rare Age of Dragons card
Last Stand 2 Give a Damaged Knight +2/+4. Rare Monster Island card
Pacifism 2 Give ANY unit +6 Health, but its Attack is reduced to Zero. Rare Monster Island card
Plea of the Righteous 2 Give your Knights +1/+2. Common Monster Island card
Searing Light 2 Deal 2 damage and heal Nearby allies and friendly Castles for 3. Neutral Logo.png
Shroud of the Redcloaks 2 Give a unit +2 Health. Draw a Card. Neutral Logo.png
Deflecting Shield 3 Give a friendly unit IMMUNITY until your next turn, but it cannot attack. Common Monster Island card
Divine Knowledge 3 Draw 2 cards. Neutral Logo.png
Dragon Crest Shield 3 Give a unit +4 Health, and it will Heal for 1 each time it is attacked. Epic Age of Dragons card
Heal 2 Heal any target for 4. Neutral Logo.png
Path of Eternity 3 Draw two cards. If either card is a Dragon, its cost is reduced by 1. Common Monster Island card
Swift Justice 3 Deal 2 damage. Draw a card. Neutral Logo.png
Banners of Justice 4 Give your Knights +1 Attack and +1 Movement this turn. Epic Monster Island card
The Verdict 4 Destroy a Damaged target. Legendary Age of Dragons card
Luminarus 5 Choose a Friendly Knight – Deal 4 damage to enemies in a 5x5 area nearby. Epic Monster Island card
Search for the Truth 6 Draw three cards. Any Dragon cards you draw can be played for free this turn. Epic Monster Island card

List of Buildings

Name Cost Attack Health Ability Set
Crumbling Archive 2 0 3 When your turn begins, this Building suffers 1 damage and you Draw a card. Rare Age of Dragons card
The Tarius Files 2 0 3 Last Will: Add two Random Dragons to your hand and they cost (2) less. Rare Monster Island card
Church 3 0 3 Heal a Random friendly target or Castle for 1 each turn. Neutral Logo.png
School of Knowledge 3 0 3 Draw a card when your units attack a Castle. Epic Age of Dragons card
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