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Crusaders's logo as seen during deck building

Crusaders are one of the six factions in Cards and Castles.

Crusaders are a defensive faction, possessing powerful healing and damage absorption abilities and card draw mechanics.

  • RESOLVE: The first time this unit would die, it instead survives with 1 health.
  • ARMOR: Absorbs the first X damage dealt to this unit each turn.
  • JUDGMENT: When this unit is attacked, it deals X damage to the attacker.

List of UnitsEdit

Name Cost Attack Health Move Range Ability Set
Reckless Knight 3 3 3 3 1 Charge  
Loremaster Tarius 4 2 2 2 2-3 Initiative: Add two random Dragons to your hand.  
Zealous Knight 5 3 5 3 1 Holy Aura (1)  
Jonviev the Dawnsword 6 7 7 2 1 Initiative: Deal 4 damage to all nearby enemies  
Monk 6 5 7 3 1 Initiative: Heal your Castle for 3.  
Dramoth the Eternal 10 8 10 3 1 Stalwart; Initiative: Heal your Castle for 7.  

List of SpellsEdit

Name Cost Effect Set
Dragon Lore 1 Draw 2 cards, and your opponent draws a card.  
Blinding Radiance 2 Give a unit Holy Aura (1).  
Burning Sun 2 Deal 1 damage to all enemies and Remove any Stealth effects.  
Eternal Judgment 2 When your Castle is attacked, Deal 1 damage to the enemy Castle.  
Last Stand 2 Give a Damaged Knight +2/+4.  
Pacifism 2 Give ANY unit +6 Health, but its Attack is reduced to Zero.  
Plea of the Righteous 2 Give your Knights +1/+2.  
Searing Light 2 Deal 2 damage and heal Nearby allies and friendly Castles for 3.  
Shroud of the Redcloaks 2 Give a unit +2 Health. Draw a Card.  
Deflecting Shield 3 Give a friendly unit IMMUNITY until your next turn, but it cannot attack.  
Divine Knowledge 3 Draw 2 cards.  
Dragon Crest Shield 3 Give a unit +4 Health, and it will Heal for 1 each time it is attacked.  
Heal 2 Heal any target for 4.  
Path of Eternity 3 Draw two cards. If either card is a Dragon, its cost is reduced by 1.  
Swift Justice 3 Deal 2 damage. Draw a card.  
Banners of Justice 4 Give your Knights +1 Attack and +1 Movement this turn.  
The Verdict 4 Destroy a Damaged target.  
Luminarus 5 Choose a Friendly Knight – Deal 4 damage to enemies in a 5x5 area nearby.  
Search for the Truth 6 Draw three cards. Any Dragon cards you draw can be played for free this turn.  

List of BuildingsEdit

Name Cost Attack Health Ability Set
Crumbling Archive 2 0 3 When your turn begins, this Building suffers 1 damage and you Draw a card.  
The Tarius Files 2 0 3 Last Will: Add two Random Dragons to your hand and they cost (2) less.  
Church 3 0 3 Heal a Random friendly target or Castle for 1 each turn.  
School of Knowledge 3 0 3 Draw a card when your units attack a Castle.  
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