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Viking's logo as seen during deck building

Vikings are one of the six factions in Cards and Castles.

Vikings are all about combat potency, strengthening their units and giving them devastating damage abilities. They use the following unique mechanics:

  • FREEZE: Freeze now prevents the target from attacking or moving for one turn. Frozen units also deal combat damage AFTER the opponent (the opposite of first strike).
  • CHAIN LIGHTNING: Chains damage to connected enemies.
  • THUNDERSTRIKE: Deals damage to enemies in a cone in front and knocks them back one space (the specific area corresponds to the animation in game).

List of Units[edit | edit source]

Name Cost Attack Health Ability Set
Warrior 2 2 2 THUNDERSTRIKE Neutral Logo.png
Artic Explorer 3 3 3 Deals an extra 3 damage to frozen enemies. Neutral Logo.png
Berserker 3 3 2 SIEGE: Gain +2/+2. Neutral Logo.png
Ice Drake 3 2 2 FLYING. COMBO: Freeze the target. Neutral Logo.png
Lich 3 3 3 INITIATIVE:Freeze two enemies.LAST WILL: Freeze two allies. Neutral Logo.png
Grudge Bearer 4 4 4 SLOW,THUNDERSTRIKE LAST WILL: Your Dwarves gain +1/+1. Neutral Logo.png
War Elephant 4 3 5 SIEGE: Deal 3 damage. Neutral Logo.png
Frost Giant 6 4 7 INITIATIVE: FREEZE a random enemy unit Neutral Logo.png
Wind Mage 3 2 2 Initiative: Knock all enemy units 2 spaces away. Epic Monster Island card
Aeroth the Windrider 5 3 6 Initiative: Push all Drakes 3 spaces forward. Legendary Age of Dragons card
Rune Warrior 5 3 4 CHAIN LIGHTNING (2) Neutral Logo.png
Master at Arms 4 4 4 SIEGE: Your other units gain +1/+1 Rare Age of Dragons card
Ragnar the Storm King 10 2 10 Chain Lightning (5) Legendary Monster Island card
Yaarhym Giant 9 2 7 THUNDERSTRIKE; Chain Lightning (2)
Yennaroth 9 7 7 Initiative: Freeze all other minions

List of Spells[edit | edit source]

Name Cost Effect Set
Gale Force 1 Knock an enemy 5 spaces away from your side. Common Monster Island card
Iceweaving 1 Deal 2 damage to a target and Freeze it. Neutral Logo.png
Lighting Bolt 1 Deal 2 damage to a Random enemy. Neutral Logo.png
Lighting Mace 1 Focus; Deal 3 damage. Common Monster Island card
Call to War 2 Add one Random units costing (3) or less to your hand. Neutral Logo.png
Dragon Bolt 2 Deal 2 damage, and Your next Dragon played costs (3) less. Neutral Logo.png
Dragon Taming 2 Add two random Drakes to your hand. Neutral Logo.png
Hardened Scales 2 Give a Dragon +2/+2. Neutral Logo.png
Shattering Strike 1 Destroy a Frozen target. Common Monster Island card
Rampage 3 Give a Damaged unit Rampage. Neutral Logo.png
Spear Strike 3 Focus; Deal 3 damage to an enemy and chain 1 damage to all connected enemies. Common Monster Island card
Frozen Storm 5 Knock all enemy units back two spaces and Freeze them. Rare Monster Island card
Ice Blast 6 Deal 2 damage to all enemies in a 5x5 area and Freeze them. Neutral Logo.png
Minotaur Strike 5 Focus; Deal 5 damage. If you have a Minotaur, deal 2 more damage. Rare Monster Island card
WAR PARTY! 7 Your units gain -1 Movement and Rampage this turn. Epic Monster Island card
Winds of Njord 5 Pull all enemies and their Castle 1 space toward your side. Neutral Logo.png
Ludicrous Strength 7 Give a Melee unit +5/+5. Neutral Logo.png
Fist of the Five Gods 9 Focus; Deal 5 damage to an enemy and all connected enemies. Epic Monster Island card

List of Buildings[edit | edit source]

Name Cost Attack Health Ability Set
Tower of Winter 2 0 4 Your units deal an extra 3 damage to frozen enemies Rare Monster Island card
Freezing Pillar 3 0 7 FREEZE nearby enemies at the start of your turn. Common Monster Island card
Temple of the Five Gods 5 0 2 Your units gain Chain Lightning (1). Neutral Logo.png
Hall of Winds 2 0 3 At the start of your turn pull all enemy 1 space closer. Neutral Logo.png