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Pirates's logo as seen during deck building

Pirates are one of the six factions in Cards and Castles.

Pirates are thieving scoundrels who love treasure and will use any dirty trick they can to win in combat. Pirates have exclusive access to gold-generating abilities and are a debuff-focused faction. They use the following unique mechanics:

  • TREASURE: Gain X gold at the start of your next turn.
  • STUN: Prevents an enemy unit from moving, attacking or counter-attacking for one turn.
  • RIPOSTE: Deals double damage on counter-attacks.

List of Units[edit | edit source]

Name Cost Attack Health Tag Ability Rarity
Master Thief 1 2 1 Gain Treasure (1) when played. Basic
Skeletal Pirate 1 1 2 Undead Basic
Bridge Troll 2 1 2 Initiative: Your opponent loses 1 gold. Rare
Elvish Thief 2 3 2 Combo: Gain Treasure (1). Common
Manfish 2 2 3 Monster Last Will: Explode for 1 damage. Common
Con Artist 3 2 4 Awaken, Combo: Gain 1 gold. Epic
Doomship 3 4 5 Ranged, Slow Rare
One-Eyed Maddy 3 0 1 Mage Initiative: Summon a random mage. Legendary
Parrot Rush 3 2 3 Flying. Initiative: Summon a parrot for each of your treasure. Legendary
Rusty Hooks 3 1 3 Rusty Hooks has +1 Range, and drags enemies 1 space forward. Legendary
Salahar Spitefish 3 2 3 Last Will: Your opponent loses 2 gold next turn. Rare
Southport Captain 3 2 3 Gain Treasure (2). Epic
Witch Doctor 3 4 5 Last Will: Deal 3 damage to a random ally. Epic
Dwarven Sharpshooter 4 2 3 Dwarf Awaken: Gain +1 range. Epic
Fencer 4 3 5 Riposte. Rare
Salahar Voyager 4 2 1 Initiative: You may play a monster for (6) less gold this turn. Epic
Sea Witch 4 1 1 Mage Combo: Summon two skeletal pirates. Common
Serpent Witch 4 1 7 Monster Combo: Stun the enemy. Common
Southport Assassin 4 3 1 Awaken: Destroy a random enemy unit. Rare
King Crab 5 4 7 Monster Riposte, can only move horizontally. Legendary
Troll Gunner 5 6 5 Upkeep (3). Common
Southport Cannoneer 6 5 6 Ranged. Basic
Dread Pirate Robins 7 5 3 Gain Treasure (5). Victory Rush: Gain (5) Gold. Legendary
Vileroth the Devourer 7 2 6 Dragon Destroy any enemy attacked by Vileroth. Legendary
The Kraken 10 5 5 Monster Dramatic Entrance, Costs (1) less when a Monster is played. Legendary

List of Spells[edit | edit source]

Name Cost Effect Rarity
Dwarven Greed 0 Gain Treasure (1). If you have a Dwarf, also gain 2 gold. Epic
Merchant's Favor 0 Gain 2 gold. Common
Risky Business 0 Gain 2 gold, but discard a random card at the end of your turn. Rare
Curse of Exhaustion 1 Give enemy units -1 Attack. Common
Disable 1 Give a unit -1/-1. Common
Hemorrhage 1 Inflict an enemy unit with Bleed -1. Common
Plunder 1 Give a unit -1 Attack and gain Treasure (1) Common
Stun Grenade 1 Stun a random enemy unit. Common
Daggerstorm 2 Give Bleed -1 to three random enemy units. Common
Dragon's Hoard 2 Gain Treasure (3). Epic
Mugging 2 Give a unit -2/-2 and gain Treasure (1). Rare
Phantom Strike 2 Give a unit +1 Range this turn. Common
Pillage 2 Gain Treasure (1) and your opponent loses 1 gold next turn. Common
Ship of the Damned 2 Summon two Skeletal Pirates. Common
Smuggling Ring 2 Draw a minor spell card for each of your Treasure counters. Epic
Treasure Hunt 2 Give a unit +1/+1, and gain Treasure (1). Rare
Backstab 3 Destroy a unit with 2 or less heath and gain Treasure +2. Common
Cloak and Daggers 3 Trap: When a unit is attacked, give nearby enemies Bleed -3. Common
Hidden Fees 3 Give a unit or building Upkeep -1. Common
Special Delivery 3 Trap: When a unit is played, Stun it and nearby enemies. Rare
Vermin Tunnels 3 Trap: When your castle is attacked, summon four rats. Rare
Dwarven Scope 4 Unique: Give a unit +1 Range and +1 Health. Rare
Onslaught 4 Give a unit -1/-1 and Bleed -1. Draw a card. Common
Knock Out 4 Give a unit -3/-3. Basic
Cannonball Barrage 5 Stun up to three different enemy units. Rare
Murder 5 Destroy a unit with 5 health or less. Basic
Mercenary Execution 7 Destroy a unit. Gain Treasure (2). Common

List of Buildings[edit | edit source]

Name Cost Attack Health Ability Rarity
Merchant's Estate 2 0 3 When your turn begins, gain 1 gold. Basic
Rat-Infested Hovel 2 0 3 Summon a Rat at the beginning of your turn. Rare
House of Daggers 3 0 3 On your turn, Gain 2 gold and this building takes 1 damage. Rare