NightReapers Drakes Deck

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== Shadow Reapers Easy Drake Deck

Deck List: Type: Faction: .3 Lumber Jacks Unit Neutral .3 Faithful Drakes Unit Neutral .2 Dragon Knights Unit Neutral

                     (Spawns 2 units)

.3 Green Drakes Unit Neutral .3 Ice Drakes Unit Viking .3 Shadow Drakes Unit Ninja .2 Stone Drakes Unit Ninja .3 Dragon Temples Building Neutral .3 Armory Building Neutral .3 Storm Strike Spell Card Viking .3 Dragon Search Spell Card Viking .3 Dragon Siege Spell Card Viking .3 Dragon Training Spell Card Viking .2 Dragon Bolt Spell Card Viking .3 Secret Dragon Trap Ninja .3 Dragon Statue Spell Ninja

                     (Spawns Unit)

.3 Face of the Dragon Spell Ninja .2 Multi Strike Spell Ninja