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A Legacy Deck is composed of Legacy cards, which are simply cards that have been labeled as obsolete as of the Return To Monster Island update. These cards have a "C" as their set symbol.

The Standard Ranger on the left with the Legacy Ranger on the right

Gameplay[edit | edit source]

Legacy Cards cannot be used in standard gameplay, and can only be used during battles between friends.

Stats and Abilities[edit | edit source]

Legacy Cards often contain stats and abilities that are more powerful than their contemporary selves.

You will also find that many of those cards have unrecognizable abilities:

  • Evasive- The ability to move after attacking
  • Double Strike- The ability to attack the same target twice, without moving.
  • Multistrike (Now known as Rampage)- The ability allows the unit to attack two different targets.
  • Unstoppable- An ability only known to the Legacy legendary: Bryjonolf. This allowed the unit to gain 3 movement and the ability to attack and move every time the unit slays a target.
  • Armor- An ability that decreases all damage to a unit
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