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Crusaders's logo as seen during deck building

Crusaders are one of the six factions in Cards and Castles.

Crusaders are a defensive faction, possessing powerful healing and damage absorption abilities and card draw mechanics.

  • Armor: Absorbs the first X damage taken each turn.
  • Judgment: Deals damage to enemies that attack this unit.
  • Resolve: The first time this unit would die, its health reduces to 1 instead.

List of Units[edit | edit source]

Name Cost Attack Health Tag Ability Rarity
Earth Knight 2 1 1 Knight Armor +3. Common
Hasan Missionary 2 1 4 Initiative: Heal your allies for 2. Common
Cleric 3 2 4 Knight Combo: Heal a random damaged ally for 3. Epic
Dwarf Paladin 3 2 3 Dwarf Knight Combo: Heal all allies for 1. Rare
Flying Books 3 2 3 Flying. Awaken: Draw a card. Common
Guardian 3 3 1 Knight Armor +2. Basic
Knight of Flowers 3 2 3 Knight Awaken: Gains +2/+2. Common
Monk 4 3 5 Initiative: Heal your castle for 3. Common
Nunchuck Nun 4 2 4 Last Will: Give your units +1/+1. Rare
Judge 5 4 5 Judgment (3). Basic
Loremaster Tarius 5 2 3 Mage Ranged. Draw an extra card when your turn begins. Legendary
Paladin 6 4 6 Knight Resolve. Basic
Frog Prince 7 5 6 Knight Resolve. Initiative: Heal your Knights for 3. Epic
Jonviev the Dawnsword 7 3 3 Knight Deflect, Resolve, Armor +3. Legendary
Craxus, God of the Arena 8 5 5 Deflect, Armor +2. Victory Rush: Draw two cards. Legendary
Dramoth the Eternal 12 9 12 Dragon Stalwart, Deflect. Initiative: Heal your Castle for 7. Legendary

List of Spells[edit | edit source]

Name Cost Effect Rarity
Burning Sun 1 Remove any permanent attack and health buffs from enemy units. Common
Dragon Lore 1 Your next Dragon costs (3) less. Common
Fortify 1 Give a unit +2 Health and remove all bleed, stun and freeze effects. Common
Heal 1 Heal an ally for 4. Basic
Heavenly Shield 1 Give a unit Armor +2. Common
Holy Bulwark 1 Give your castle and nearby allies +1 Health. Rare
Journey of Faith 1 Give your units Stalwart. Common
Sacred Quest 1 Select a Unit - Draw a card whenever it attacks. Common
Shroud of the Redcloaks 1 Give a unit +3 Health. Common
Swift Justice 1 Give a unit +1 Health and Judgment (3). Common
Dwarven Archives 2 Draw a card. If you have a Dwarf, draw another card. Rare
Faith Everlasting 2 Heal and target for 3. Rebound. Rare
Gift of the Shepherd 2 Heal random ally for 2, then play this effect two more times. Common
Inspire 2 Add two Soldiers to your hand. Common
Pacifism 2 Give ANY unit +5 Health, but its Attack is reduced to Zero. Rare
Reinforce 2 Give a building or castle +2 Health. Draw a card. Common
Sunburst 2 Heal all allies in a 3x3 area for 3. Common
Deflecting Shield 3 Trap: When a unit is attacked, it gains +5 Health. Common
Divine Knowledge 3 Draw 2 cards. Basic
Dragon Crest Shield 3 Give a unit Armor +2, and draw a card each time it is attacked. Epic
Eternal Judgment 3 Trap: When an enemy attacks your castle, deal 5 damage to it. Rare
Forbidden City 3 Draw three card, then discard a random card. Rare
Last Stand 3 Give a damaged unit +1/+2 and Resolve. Rare
Plea of the Righteous 3 Give two random friendly units Resolve. Rare
The Verdict 3 Trap: When a friendly unit is destroyed, destroy a random enemy unit. Legendary
Defiance 4 Make any unit's attack equal to its health. Epic
Hands of the Saint 4 Heal any target for 10. Common
Reclaim 4 Take control of an enemy building. Common
Perseverance 5 Your damaged units gain Armor +1 and Resolve. Epic
Search for the Truth 6 Draw three cards. Any Dragon cards you draw can be played for free this turn. Epic
Luminarus 7 Choose a Friendly Knight – Deal 4 damage to enemies in a 5x5 area nearby. Epic
Quest for the Holy Grail 7 Summon a Dwarf Paladin and two Questing Knights. Legendary
Arbiter's Return 9 Dramatic Entrance. Heal your castle for 10, then summon a Judge for this turn only. Legendary

List of Buildings[edit | edit source]

Name Cost Attack Health Ability Rarity
Church 3 0 4 Heal a random damaged ally for 1 each turn. Rare
Courthouse 3 0 3 Your units gain Judgment (2). Common
Crumbling Archive 3 0 2 On your turn, draw a card and this building takes 1 damage. Rare
School of Knowledge 3 0 2 Draw a card each time you gain extra gold. Epic
The Tarius Files 3 0 2 Last Will: Draw two cards and they cost (1) less. Rare
Stables 4 0 3 Your Knights gain +1 Attack and Armor +1. Common