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Cards are the basis of Cards and Castles, which are sorted by type and rarity. Cards can be acquired in the shop and by winning tournaments.

Type[edit | edit source]

There are four variations of a card, which are spells, buildings, units, and obstacles.

Spells are cards that can produce a wide variety of effects:

  • Heal
  • Increase Stats: Health, Attack, Movement, Range
  • Damage Units/Destroy Units
  • Draw cards
  • Move units/buildings
  • Increase/Decrease a card's gold cost

Buildings are cards that summon a construction that has a wide variety of effects. These effects are active so long as the building is not destroyed.

Some of the buildings affects are:

  • Damaging units
  • Increasing Stats: Health, Attack, Movement
  • Enabling chain damage
  • Pushing units
  • Decreasing Stats: Movement
  • Draws cards
  • Increase the cost of enemy spells

Units are cards that summon entities that perform an even wider variety of effects.

Here are a few:

  • Units can move/attack
  • Units can heal other units
  • Units can spawn other units
  • Units can Awaken other units
  • Units can deal area damage to other units

Obstacles are cards that summon a construction, but are intended to hinder the opponent. Keep in mind that these constructions can also hurt the summoner's units as well.

  • Deal Damage
  • Inflict Freeze
  • Deal damage upon destruction
  • Block off a particular area

Rarity[edit | edit source]

Rarity is determinant of how often it drops in card packs, and is a rough indicator of the cards strength.

  • Basic - Indicated by the lack of an emblem. Cannot be Crafted nor Disenchanted.
  • Common - Indicated by a grey emblem. Costs 10 shards to Craft, Disenchants for 2 shards.
  • Rare - Indicated by a blue emblem. Costs 50 shards to Craft, Disenchants for 10 shards.
  • Epic - Indicated by a purple emblem. Costs 200 shards to Craft, Disenchants for 50 shards.
  • Legendary - Indicated by a gold emblem. Costs 800 shards to Craft, Disenchants for 250.

The foil versions of cards can be crafted and disenchanted for 2x the cost.

When event cards are made craftable, their craft costs are much more expensive than for other cards of their rarity. The most recent event card, Killer Rabbit, is not currently craftable, unlike previous event cards when they were new. It will be made craftable from 6th Aug 2017.

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