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Cards are the basis of Cards and Castles, which are sorted by type and rarity. Cards can be acquired only through card packs and by winning tournaments.

Type[edit | edit source]

There are four variations of a card, which are spells, buildings, units, and obstacles.

Spells are cards that can produce a wide variety of effects:

  • Heal
  • Increase Stats: Health, Attack, Movement, Range
  • Damage Units/Destroy Units
  • Draw cards
  • Move units/buildings
  • Increase/Decrease a card's gold cost

Buildings are cards that summon a construction that has a wide variety of effects. These effects are active so long as the building is not destroyed.

Some of the buildings affects are:

  • Damaging units
  • Increasing Stats: Health, Attack, Movement
  • Enabling chain damage
  • Pushing units
  • Decreasing Stats: Movement
  • Draws cards
  • Increase the cost of enemy spells

Units are cards that summon entities that perform an even wider variety of effects.

Here are a few:

  • Units can move/attack
  • Units can heal other units
  • Units can spawn other units
  • Units can Awaken other units
  • Units can deal area damage to other units

Obstacles are cards that summon a construction, but are intended to hinder the opponent. Keep in mind that these constructions can also hurt the summoner's units as well.

  • Deal Damage
  • Inflict Freeze
  • Deal damage upon destruction
  • Block off a particular area

Rarity[edit | edit source]

Rarity is determinant of how often it drops in card packs, and is a rough indicator of the cards strength.

  • Basic - Indicated by the lack of an emblem. Cannot be crafted nor disenchanted.
  • Common - Indicated by a grey emblem. Costs 40 shards to craft, disenchants for 5 shards.
  • Rare - Indicated by a blue emblem. Costs 100 shards to craft, disenchants for 20 shards.
  • Epic - Indicated by a purple emblem. Costs 200 shards to craft, disenchants for 50 shards.
  • Legendary - Indicated by a gold emblem. Costs 800 shards to craft, disenchants for 200.

The shiny versions of cards can be crafted and disenchanted for more shards:

  • Common - Costs 200 shards to craft, disenchants for 40 shards.
  • Rare - Costs 400 shards to craft, disenchants for 100 shards.
  • Epic - Costs 800 shards to craft, disenchants for 200 shards.
  • Legendary - Costs 1600 shards to craft, disenchants for 800 shards.

Drop rates[edit | edit source]

Drop rates of cards from packs are the following:

  • Common have a 61% drop rate.
  • Rare have a 25% drop rate.
  • Epic have a 10% drop rate.
  • Legendary have a 4% drop rate.

Additionally, every card has a 5% chance of being shiny.